Tickets are now available to purchase for our July 17th, 2021 banquet and auction HERE.

We want to thank our sponsor Wolf Creek Productions and the crew of American Birdhunter TV for their wonderful support at this year’s celebrity banquet and auction event. Be sure to check out the American Birdhunter TV special featuring the Aiming for a Cure Foundation. The episode will air the weeks of April 22nd and June 24th on the Outdoor Channel.

Air times for each week are: Outdoor Channel Logo

  • Monday at noon (eastern)
  • Tuesdays at 8am (eastern)
  • Tuesdays at 7:30pm (eastern)

You can learn more about American Birdhunter on their website and watch Parts 1-4 of their AFAC video below.

Video Part 1


Video Part 2


Video Part 3


Video Part 4


  1. jazz husmann says:

    I now what you all went through my son is now 15 years old and is a cancer survivor for 14 and half years it is really sad when a doctor gives you a 13% chance of living or make funeral arrangements, but through god and a loving family we made it through and you never want to give the fight because it not only the person with cancer fighting you are also helping him fight also.

  2. AFAC Admin says:

    We’re very pleased to hear your incredible success story. Thanks for sharing it and we wish you and your son continued good luck and good health in your fight.